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Tile adhesive plant-Tile adhesive production line free solutions

What is tile adhesive?

Tile adhesives is along with thin-set mortar, is used to stick tile to wall or floor surfaces before grouting. Tile adhesives mainly includes sands, cement, the additives normally are cellulose, emulsion powder, etc. Besides of the dry bag tile adhsive, the trailer mortar truck can loaded the bulk tile adhsive in a huge tank of 30CBM, 40CBM, 50CBM, 60CBM, etc.


What is Tile adhesive plant?

The name “Tile adhesive plant” shows that it is a kind of equipment that could produce the Tile adhesive. Whatever the mini Tile adhesive production line or the huge Tile adhesive factory. The whole line totally includes raw materials storage system, weighing system, mixing system, packing system, dust collecting system, end product store system and control system

By output and operation, three families of Tile adhesive plants are:

Mini Tile adhesive production line– With the capacity 1-8 TPH, the mini Tile adhesive production line is consist of material feeder, one level screw conveyor, belt screw mixer, second screw conveyor, finished products silo, automatic packing machine, control cabinet and air compressor.


Semi-auto Tile adhesive mix plant– With the capacity of 10-40 TPH, the semi-auto Tile adhsive manufacturing plant is composed of bucket elevator, weighing system, redy-mix silo, twin-shaft mixer, pre-packing silo, automatic packing machine.

Full-auto Tile adhesive plant– with the output from 10-100 TPH, the full-auto Tile adhsive plant have the perfect structure is that Raw materials silos, screw conveyors, bucket elevator, weighing system, redy-mix silo, twin-shaft mixer, pre-packing silo, automatic packing machine, automatic palletizers.


The advantages of full-auto Tile adhesive plant as below:

*The formulations could be adjusted slightly and precisely by your real situations and detailed requests.

*The PLC control system will give the whole line full automatic operations. The touch screen will give you a “what you see is what you get” experience.

*The automatic palletizers will give the total plant high-efficincy and make the full output of the Tile adhesive plant.

*The raw materials storage silos saving the feeding time also make the quantities of labors as less as possible.

The sections of Tile adhesive plants

The parts of the automatic tile adhesive plant as below:
* Storage system-Raw materials silos, normally the standard 100 tons cement silos are the main storage devices. Sands, cement, fly ash and other request raw materials were lifted to the silos by bucket elevators.
* Weighing system– The materials step by step go into the weighing silo and scaled. Sometimes the other additives have the separate weighing bin.
* Mixing system– Non-gravity twin-shaft mixer with the excellent sealing, Mn13 Alloy blades, planetary cycloidal reducer and copper core motors make sure the durability and stability of the mixer.
* Automatic packing system-The valve packing machine fill the bags with phneumatic system with the range from 10-50 Kgs. The machine have the capacity of 6-10 seconds per bag packing.
* Bulk loading system– The powder loading sytem will be used when you need to fill the Tile adhsive to the tank. The flexible pipe could down to the tank from 1500MM-2500MM.

Tile adhesive plant structure

What tile adhesive plant suit your request?

1-8 TPH mini Tile adhesive production line matche the compact work site, limited buget, own use and some for selling.
10-40 TPH Tile adhesive plant suit the enough work space, bigger investment, the own big project using or the construction materials manufacturers and suppliers in your local.

The motors and reducers in tile adhesive mix plants

The important section of a motar is the core. There are some aluminium core meanwhile some copper core. That is the 100% copper core in our motors that installed on our Tile adhesive plants.
The reducers are used in the Tile adhesive mix plants are generally two types the gear reducser and the cycloidal planetary reducer. The cycloidal reducer have the smaller size, 2-3 times durability than gear reducer. Ther are cycloidal reducers in our Tile adhesive plants.

motors and reducers for Tile adhesive plant

Should I choose the automatic palletizer?

If you use the mini Tile adhesive manufacturing line, basically no need to use the automatic palletizer.
If the output of your Tile adhesive factory is more than 10TPH meanwhile there have no extra labors to use, you can choose the automatic palletizer.


The transport of tile adhesive plants

Mini Tile adhesive plant normally need one 20 feet container to load.
A semi-auto Tile adhesive mix plants request the 1.5-4 sets 40 feet containers to transport.
A full-auto Tile adhesive plant demand 3-10 pieces 40 feet containers to ship.

Tile adhesive plant transport ship container

The price of tile adhesive plants

Mini Tile adhesive plant price range is 4,000-8,000 USD.
A semi-auto Tile adhesive mix plant price range is 12,000-40,000 USD.
A full-auto Tile adhesive plant cost range is 30,000-500,000 USD.

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