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This three cylinder sand dryer is mainly used for drying certain humidity granular materials, such as yellow sand used in the industries of dry mortar, river sand, quartz sand, garnet sand, as well as use of all kinds of green sand casting industry, building materials industry of blast furnace slag cement, granular viscous soil, no chemical reaction materials, with high temperature resistance in the chemical industry.

* It adopt latest anti-wear technology and special materials.More than 8 mm thickness,greatly improve the service life.
* Coal consumption is only 1/3 of the single cylinder dryer,power consumption is lower 40% than single cylinder drum dryer.
* The fuel can be coal, oil, natural gas etc, dry mass and granule and powder material.
* Unique design in constructure with patent right. no air leakage phenomenon,solved the sealing difficulties.
* It use roller wheel transmission instead of gear transmission so that improve the service life
* Discharge temperature ≤ 60 degrees , which can be directly go to storage silo,no need for cooling.
* Outer barrel temperature ≤60 degrees, exhaust smoke temperature < 120 degrees, dust removal bag prolonged service time more than 2 times.

sand dryer plant manufacturer supplier
* The structure will be different as customers’ requests.


Mobile belt conveyors.
Mobile or transportable secondary dust filtration systems
Stair type or tower type structure
Heavy oil, gas or coal burners
Control room



Model Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Speed (RPM) Power(KW) Capacity (TPH)
SS623 1800 2200 3-10 4 3-5
SS625 2200 2600 3-10 5.5 5-8
SS6210 2600 3100 3-10 7.5 10-15
SS2060 2000 6000 3-10 7.5*2 20-25
SS2565 2500 6500 3-10 11*2 25-30
SS2770 2700 7000 3-10 7.5*4 30-35
SS3070 3000 7000 3-10 7.5*4 35-40

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