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quality and service from good asphalt plant manufacturer

Design-High quality and asphalt batch plant price lower 

We have the accurate and flexible 2D CAD and 3D design to make sure the details precisely match the request.We also can do any OEM ODM for the special demand according to the work circumstance,Meanwhile make the asphalt batch plant price lower.

asphlat mixing plant drawing
asphlat mixing plant layout drawing
asphlat mixing plant drawing design 3D animation


We have around 30 years manufacturing experience, we always push the 6S management in design,material control,management control,pre-sale service and after-sale service.

asphalt plant workshop
asphalt mix plant workshop
batch asphalt plant workshop

Test and Delivery

After the manufacturing, we will test all the parts of the asphalt plant to make sure every part runs well.The parts will be fastened in containers. and the little parts will be packed in closed wooden case.

batch hot asphalt plant delivery
asphalt batch plant delivery
asphalt mixing plant delivery


We will train the asphalt plant operator after the installation in your local. when the asphalt plant runs, the operator also can ask us any questions at free.The asphalt batch plant price including the service training and commission.

batch mix asphalt plant training operator
asphalt mix plant training operator
asphalt plant training operator


We will assist and induct the labors to install the asphalt plant. and as customer’s request, we can do the installation day and night.

asphalt mix plant installation
asphalt plant installation
batch mix asphalt plant installation


We have bunks of durable and reliable parts in stock. we have the technical support in 24 hours for aftersale.


asphalt mix plant after sale spare parts
asphalt plant after sale spare parts
batch mix asphalt plant after sale spare parts

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