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asphalt mixing plant manufacturer

Static Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer

40-400 TPH batch asphalt mixing plant with high performance and cost-effective
  • Experienced asphalt mixing plant manufacturer
  • Optional configuration as customers requests
  • Low cost and operation maintenance
  • Choice for environmental design-containerized or standard
  • Burner flexible-oil/gas/coal
  • Fully automation control
  • Emergency shut-down protection

A better low-cost and high-performance asphalt plant for asphalt contractors and construction company. As a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, we produce asphalt plants match all the technical standard of high,airport,national roads and super-highway projects.

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See how the santai asphalt batch plant work on site


asphalt mixing plant manufacturer- cold feed

Cold Feed Unit

Cold feed system consists of discharge belts and aggregate collecting belt. The belt speed adjusted by AC drive and inverter. The sand bin equipped the vibrator to avoid blocking in asphalt mixing plant.

asphalt mixing plant manufacturer- dryer drum

Drying Drum

The 4 gear motors drives the drum in even speed.There is 50 mm thermal insulation material outside the drum. Keep the temperature inside and make sure the complete drying in asphalt batch mix plant.

asphalt mixing plant manufacturer- Asphalt mixer

Two Shaft Mixer

The mixer with two axes driven by 2 separate motor sin the whole asphalt plant. The aggregate and the other materials mix adequately inside. This section is important for asphalt mixing plant manufacturer.

asphalt mixing plant manufacturer- screen vibrator


The screen has 4 layers and 1 mixed room in the whole batch mix asphalt plants. The vibrator shaking the screen. The aggregate in different sizes go into the mixed room together after weighing.

bitumen tank in asphalt batch mixing plant

Bitumen Supply

The thermal oil heating system keep the bimumen warm. The warm oil go through the pipes inside the bitumen bin to keep bitumen standard temperature as request.The better bitumen keeping makes the whole asphalt batch mixing plant runs well.

asphalt mixing plant manufacturer- baghouse filters

Dust Collector

There are hundreds of NOMEX bag filters inside. the filter bags keep the dust when they come inside along the wind.Especially work well in asphalt batch mix plant.


Thermal insulation on the aggregate dryer drum
Environmental sheeting options of hot mix asphalt plants
High level option to incorporate mixed material storage
Heavy oil, gas or multi-fuel burners
Other fibre additive systems



Units LB500 LB800 LB1000
Plant Capacity
Capacity TPH 40 64 80
Cold Feed
Hopper Capacity 4 5.5 7.5
Hopper Loading Width M 3 3 3
Belt Feeder Length MM 3,400 3,400 3,400
Belt Width MM 500 500 500
Belt Feeder Drive KW 1.5*4 1.5*4 1.5*4
Vibrator Fitted to Sand Hopper YES YES YES
Collecting Conveyor Width MM 500 600 600
Collecting Conveyor Drive KW 4*2 4*2 4*2
Aggregate Dryer
Dryer Drum Diameter MM 1,200 1,200 1,600
Dryer Drum Length MM 5,200 6,300 6,800
Dryer Drive KW 11 22 7.5*4
Dryer Capacity TPH 60 80 100
Capacity KG/H 600 800 1000
Fuel pump motor KW 4 4 4
Air-blower motor KW 8 11 15
Hot Stone Elevator, Screen & Mixing Section
Elevator Capacity TPH 60 80 100
Elevator Drive KW 7.5 7.5 7.5
Screen Decks NO. 4+1 4+1 4+1
Screen Drive 5.5 5.5 4*2
Aggregate Weigh Hopper Capacity KG 700 800 1000
Bitumen Weigh Hopper Capacity KG 40 150 200
Filler Weigh Hopper Capacity KG 70 200 200
Paddle Mixer Capacity KG 600 800 1000
Paddle Mixer Drive KW 22 15*2 18.5*2


Plant Capacity    
Cold Feed    
Hopper Capacity889
Hopper Loading WidthM333
Belt Feeder LengthMM3,4003,4003,400
Belt WidthMM500500500
Belt Feeder DriveKW2.2*42.2*42.2*5
Vibrator Fitted to Sand Hopper YESYESYES
Collecting Conveyor WidthMM600600650
Collecting Conveyor DriveKW5.5*25.5*25.5*2
Aggregate Dryer    
Dryer Drum DiameterMM1,8001,8002,200
Dryer Drum LengthMM8,0008,0008,500
Dryer DriveKW11*411*415*4
Dryer CapacityTPH120140200
Fuel pump motorKW444
Air-blower motorKW192222
Hot Stone Elevator, Screen & Mixing Section    
Elevator CapacityTPH120140180
Elevator DriveKW111115
Screen DecksNO.4+14+15+1
Screen Drive111115
Aggregate Weigh Hopper CapacityKG120015002000
Bitumen Weigh Hopper CapacityKG200200200
Filler Weigh Hopper CapacityKG200200300
Paddle Mixer CapacityKG120015002000
Paddle Mixer DriveKW22*230*237*2


Plant Capacity    
Cold Feed    
Hopper Capacity91010
Hopper Loading WidthM333
Belt Feeder LengthMM3,4003,7003,700
Belt WidthMM500650650
Belt Feeder DriveKW2.2*53*53*5
Vibrator Fitted to Sand Hopper YESYESYES
Collecting Conveyor WidthMM650800800
Collecting Conveyor DriveKW5.5*211*211*2
Aggregate Dryer    
Dryer Drum DiameterMM2,2002,8002,800
Dryer Drum LengthMM9,0009,00011,000
Dryer DriveKW15*422*430*4
Dryer CapacityTPH220260340
Fuel pump motorKW666
Air-blower motorKW455575
Hot Stone Elevator, Screen & Mixing Section    
Elevator CapacityTPH220260340
Elevator DriveKW192230
Screen DecksNO.5+15+15+1
Screen Drive1515*222*2
Aggregate Weigh Hopper CapacityKG280030004000
Bitumen Weigh Hopper CapacityKG200300300
Filler Weigh Hopper CapacityKG300300400
Paddle Mixer CapacityKG250030004000
Paddle Mixer DriveKW45*245*255*2

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