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Drum batch mix asphalt plant manufacturers china

Drum Batch Asphalt Plant Manufacturers

10-80 TPH drum batch asphalt mixing plant with high performance and cost-effective

• Experienced drum batch asphalt plant manufacturers
• Smaller work site than batch mix asphalt plants
• Optional configuration as customers requests
• Low cost and operation maintenance
• Choice for environmental design-containerized or standard
• Burner flexible-oil/gas/coal
• Fully automation control
• Emergency shut-down protection

A better low-cost and high-performance drum batch asphalt plants for asphalt contractors and construction company. As a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, we produce drum batch asphalt plants match all the technical standard of national roads , small and medium road construction projects.

Drum-asphalt-plant-manufacturer manufacturers
See how the santai asphalt batch plant work on site


cold feeders of asphalt plants

Cold Feed Unit

Cold feed system consists of discharge belts and aggregate collecting belt. The belt speed adjusted by AC drive and inverter. The sand bin equipped the vibrator to avoid blocking in asphalt mixing plant.

drying drum of asphalt plants china

Drying Drum

The 4 gear motors drives the drum in even speed.There is 50 mm thermal insulation material outside the drum. Keep the temperature inside and make sure the complete drying in asphalt batch mix plant.

bitumen tanks of asphalt plants

Bitumen Supply

The thermal oil heating system keep the bimumen warm. The warm oil go through the pipes inside the bitumen bin to keep bitumen standard temperature as request.The better bitumen keeping makes the whole asphalt batch mixing plant runs well.

mixers of asphalt plants

Twin shaft mixer

The mixer with two axes driven by 2 separate motor sin the whole asphalt plant. The aggregate and the other materials mix adequately inside. This section is important for asphalt mixing plant manufacturer.


Thermal insulation on the aggregate dryer drum
water filter or bag filter
High level option to incorporate mixed material storage
Heavy oil, gas or multi-fuel burners
Other requests



Model SDB10 SDB15 SDB20 SDB30
Capacity(T/H) 10 15 20 30
Fuel oil (KW) 41.5 54 63.5 104.5
Coal (KW) 57.5 75 86.5 127.5
Aggregate batcher ----- ----- 2.3 m³ x 3 5 m³ x 3
Finished product silo (T) 2 5 5 9
Discharge Temperature 120-180 ℃
Fuel consumption Fuel oil : 5-7.5KG / T; Coal : 13-15KG /T


Model SDB40 SDB60 SDB80
Capacity(T/H) 40 60 80
Fuel oil (KW) 125 157.5 200
Coal (KW) 169 205 276
Aggregate batcher 5 m³ x 3 5 m³ x 3 5 m³ x 3
Finished product silo (T) 9 9 20
Discharge Temperature 120-180 ℃
Fuel consumption Fuel oil : 5-7.5KG / T; Coal : 13-15KG /T
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