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Who play the important roles among the asphalt plant manufacturers and suppliers all over the world? Definitely the brilliant asphalt plant manufacturers afford the good reputation, early establishment, excellent quality control, advanced technology and unique management. This context will show you the fantastic enterprises in the asphalt plant manufacturing fields and share with you in some fresh air.


The asphalt plant manufacturers under COVID-19

The economic down because of the coronavirus disease in the whole world. Although the COVID-19 vaccine is produced now, there still need more times to approve that is effective and no side-effects. Every government will invest the state-owned projects like highways, dams and bridges to make the ecomic booming. The infrastructure related equipment will have the better market in the next years. As a crucial part of the road construction, the aspahlt plants and other auxiciary equipment will be needed more than before.


asphalt plant supplier

Batch mix asphalt plants- ST

Models: ST500-ST4000

Capacity: 40-400 TPH

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mobile asphalt mixing plant supplier

STM- Mobile Asphalt Plants

Models: STM500-STM2000

Capacity: 40-160 TPH

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STD- Drum Mix Asphalt Plants

Models: STD20-STD100

Capacity: 20-100 TPH

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Besides of the headquater, some asphalt plant manufacturers also have the factory or agents in other countries. The manufacturing ability of the asphalt plant manufacturers could not match the request of the markets because the COVID-19 spreads all over the world. For the road contractors, construciton materials contractors and other road equipment buyers, they not only need the hign-efficiency and reliable asphalt plants, but also the cost-effective asphalt plants. In our opinions, the top 3 asphalt plant manufacturers as below:


As a 150 years family-owned asphalt plant manufacturer, Ammann is No.1 among the asphalt plant manufacturers in the world. The company have nine production sites across Europe, Asian, South America. And Ammann also have the comprehensive product line with more than 10 brands to provide a wide range of road construction solutions.

Established: 1869

Head office: Switzerland

Products series: Batch Plants, Continuous Plants

Capacity: 90-400 TPH




Astec, Inc. founded in 1972 and developed fast with the infrastructure construciton boomed in united states developed. This company have 3 production facility in USA with more than 20 key patents.

Established: 1972

Head office: USA

Products series: Stationary Drum Plants, Stationary Batch Plants, Recycle Batch Plants, Batch Drum Plants, Coater II Plants

Capacity: 80-600 TPH

Models: Nomad™, Voyager™, Six Pack®, M-Pack™, BG Series Modular Batch Plants, etc.



BENNINGHOVEN originally is a independent company now is a member of wirtgen group. In 2017, wirtgen became a member of John Deer. The very wide sales and service network will be the advantage of BENNINGHOVEN asphalt plants.

Established: 1909

Head office: Germany

Products series: ECO, TBA, BA, BA-RPP

Capacity: 100-400 TPH

Models: ECO1250, ECO2000, TBA3000, TBA4000, BA4000, BA5000 etc.



MARINI have the same situation with BENNINGHOVEN. MARINI started the asphalt plants manufacturing In Italy, now it is a brand of FAYAT group in Fance. The company have 3 production factory in China, India, Turkey.

Established: 1899

Head office: Italy

Products series: Batch Mix Plant, Continuous Mix Plant, Cold Mix Plant

Capacity: 60-480 TPH

Models series: Master Tower, Class Tower, Top tower, Be Tower, XPRESS


In our opinion, BENNINGHOVEN and MARINI have the same ranking in asphalt plant manufacturing.

What is asphalt plant?

The asphalt plant, also named asphalt mixing plant, asphalt batching plant, hot mix asphalt plant, is a kind of road construction equipment that mixing the aggreagates, cement, bitumen and other additives to produce the asphalt concrete mixture for the road paving.Today we introduce the asphalt plant in the basic and popular conception to you in batch mix asphalt plant.

hot mix asphalt plant manufacturer china
hot mix asphalt plant supplier china
hot mix asphalt plant manufacturer supplier china

How dose an asphalt mixing plant works?

The batch mix asphalt plant consist of cold aggregates feed, belt conveyors, drying drum, hot elevators, screnners, weighing system, bitumen supply system, mixers, dust collecting system, PLC control system, etc.

batch mix asphalt plant 3D structure

Cold Feed Unit

Cold feed system consists of discharge belts and aggregate collecting belt. The belt speed adjusted by AC drive and inverter. The sand bin equipped the vibrator to avoid blocking in asphalt mixing plant.


Drying Drum

The 4 gear motors drives the drum in even speed.There is 50 mm thermal insulation material outside the drum. Keep the temperature inside and make sure the complete drying in asphalt batch mix plant.

screener-of-asphalt-mixing plant

Vibrate Screener

The screen has 4 layers and 1 mixed room in the whole batch mix asphalt plants. The vibrator shaking the screen. The aggregate in different sizes go into the mixed room together after weighing.


Twin Shaft Mixer

The mixer with two axis driven by 2 separate motor sin the whole asphalt plant. The aggregate and the other materials mix adequately inside. This section is important for asphalt mixing plant manufacturer.

bitumen-tank-of-asphalt-mixing plant

Bitumen Supply

The thermal oil heating system keep the bimumen warm. The warm oil go through the pipes inside the bitumen bin to keep bitumen standard temperature as request.The better bitumen keeping makes the whole asphalt batch mixing plant runs well.


Dust Collector

There are hundreds of NOMEX bag filters inside. the filter bags keep the dust when they come inside along the wind.Especially work well in asphalt batch mix plant.

The manufacturing of asphalt plant

The main sections of the asphalt plant is cold feed bins, drying drum, mixers, vibrate screener, hot elevator, etc. CNC manufacturing centre and the accurate robots welding make sure the solid quality.

asphalt plant manufacturing
asphalt batch plant manufacturing
asphalt mixing plant manufacturing

The transport of asphalt mixing plant

If the model below ST2000, the 20GP, 40HC containers always be used to load the dismantled asphalt plants. If the models above ST2000, besides of the standard containers, we need to use the OT containers, flat rack, platform container, or directly take the asphalt mixing plants to RO-Ro ships. The 13.5m and the 17.5m flatform truck always be applied in delivering the batch mix asphalt plants from our factory to the port.

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The price of asphalt batching plant

The price range is 65,000 USD- 1,500,000 USD. Becasue the configuration of asphalt batching plant is very flexible. Also the auiliary devices like the bitumen tanks, bitumen decanter, diesel generators, emulsion bitumen equipment are optional.

The final price depends on the detailed request.

The layout and installation of asphalt mixing plant

The dimensions of the normal standard 60TPH batch mix asphalt plant is 30*40M. But it is not unchanged, we could customized the layout following to the real situation at work asite.

The installation period is from 3 weeks to 5 weeks. The important role in the installation is the crane, from 25 tons crane to 75 tons crane.

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hot mix asphalt plant supplier
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hot mix asphalt plant
asphalt plant layout
asphalt mixing plant suppliers

The trend of asphalt plant manufacturing and road machine industry


The development of the industry always match the time, match the demend of the customers.

In these days, both AMMANN and MARINI have factories in China, and some China asphalt plant manufacturers like SANTAI could produce the very world-class quality asphlat plants with the top 3 brands in more lower price. China asphalt plant manufacturers have a good will to supply the cost-effective and high quality asphalt plants to the customers who need that.

top asphalt plant manufacturers in the world

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asphalt plant supplier

Batch mix asphalt plants- ST

Models: ST500-ST4000

Capacity: 40-400 TPH

mobile asphalt mixing plant supplier

STM- Mobile Asphalt Plants

Models: STM500-STM2000

Capacity: 40-160 TPH

drum-mix-asphalt-plant supplier

STD- Drum Mix Asphalt Plants

Models: STD20-STD100

Capacity: 20-100 TPH