mobile asphalt plant manufacturer

Australia customized asphalt plant

capacity: 65 tons per hour
Model: LB800
special request: Containerized sheet packed, this asphalt plant have already approved by EPA
(Environmental Protection Authority)Australia,The Santai Asphalt Plant totally match the
serious EPA national standard.

Russia customized asphalt plant

capacity: 120 tons per hour
Model: LB 1500
special request: Our Russian client want to the asphalt plant installation more fast to match the road projects.
We installed the equipment day and night,5 days earlier job done compared the plan.

Kazakhstan customized asphalt plant

capacity: 160 tons per hour
Model: LB 2000
special request: The customer told us they want their company Logo show in the asphalt plant. Finally,yes it is!

Slovak customized asphalt plant

capacity: 200 tons per hour
Model: LB 2500
special request: The local weather is cold,the customer ask for isolation for each cold aggregate bin.
We manufacturing follow the demand.

Thailand customized asphalt plant

capacity: 100 tons per hour
Model: LB 1200
special request:because of the rainy weather,the clients request the water-proof shelter
for the asphalt plant,we design and manufacturing the shelter perfectly for our client.

U.A.E customized asphalt plant-mobile asphalt plant manufacturer

capacity: 150 tons per hour
Model: YLB 2000
special request: Mobile asphalt batch mix plants. Easily move from one project to another project. Resist the local high temperature around 60 degree (average).

mobile asphalt plants
mobile asphalt plant
mobile asphalt batch plants

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