vibratory road rollers

Santai vibratory road roller-STY1300/STY1800, long life local service in Australia, Italy, etc.

kohler for santai

KOHLER® focus on power solutions. Santai® use Kohler engine in vibratory road roller. Kohler established in 1920, market in USA and north American.

KOHLER engine for santai
yanmar engine for santai

YANMAR® focus on power solutions. Santai® use YANMAR engine in vibratory road roller. YANMAR established in 1912.

YANMAR engine for santai
danfoss hydraulic motor for santai

DANFOSS® focus on hydraulic solutions. Santai® use Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic motor in vibratory road roller. Danfoss established in 1933.

sauer-danfoss hydraulic motor for santai
white drive products for santai

WHITE® focus on hydraulic drive solutions. Santai® use White hydraulic roller stator in vibratory road roller. White established in 1966.

white roller stator for santai
vivoil for santai

VIVOIL® focus on hydraulic pump solutions. Santai® use Vivoil hydraulic pump in vibratory road rollers. Vivoil established in 1985.

vivoil hydraulic pump for santai
Hansa TMP for santai

HANSA TMP® focus on hydraulic system solutions. Santai® use Hansa TMP hydraulic system in vibratory road rollers. Hansa TMP established in 1984.

hansa-tmp for santai
nsk for santai

NSK® focus on bearing products. Santai® use NSK bearings in vibratory road rollers. NSK established in 1916.

NSK bearing for santai
Mitsuboshi for santai

MITSUBOSHI® focus on industrial belts. Santai® use MITSUBOSHI belts in vibratory road rollers. MITSUBOSHI established in 1919.

Mitsuboshi belts for santai

Details in Santai vibratory road rollers- STY1300/STY1800


Meters in vibratory road rollers

meters in vibratory road rollers
fan in vibratory road rollers


Fan in vibratory road rollers


Mud scraper in vibratory road rollers

mud scraper in vibratory road rollers
hydraulic units in vibratory road rollers


Hydraulic units in vibratory road rollers


Lights in vibratory road rollers

Lights in vibratory road rollers
Electric water spray in vibratory road rollers


Electric water spray in vibratory road rollers



  STY1300 STY1800
Working Weight 1,350/1370 KG 1,750 KG
Linear Load 55/66 N/CM 82/85 N/CM
Width (work) 960 MM 960 MM
Length (Frame down/up) 2075/1980 MM 2295/2200 MM
Height (Frame down/up) 1595/2260 MM 1595/2260 MM
Radius of turn (outside) 2800 MM 2900 MM
Wheel Width 900 MM 900 MM
Wheel Diameter 560 MM 560 MM
Wheel Base 1450 MM 1750 MM
Brand Honda/ Kohler Yanmar/Perkins
Model GX630/KDW702 3TNV76-CSA/403D-11
Type GX630/KDW702 Diesel 4 Stroke water-cool
Cylinders Qty 2 3
Output Power 12 KW 18.6 KW
Speed 3600 RPM 3200/2800 RPM
Voltage 12 V 12 V
Drive Type Variable pump
stepless speed 2WD
Variable pump
stepless speed 2WD
Work Characters    
Speed 0-8 KM/H 0-8 KM/H
Theoretical Climbing Ability 30% 30%
Turning type Hydraulic Hydraulic
Turning system Hinge Joint Hinge Joint
Water spray Periodly pressure Periodly pressure
Vibrating system    
Vibrating wheels Front Front & Back
Vibrator Type Hydraulic Hydraulic
Frequency 65 HZ 65 HZ
Amplitude 0.5 MM 0.5 MM
Exciting force 25 KN 2*25 KN
Hydraulic oil 30 L 44 L
Fuel volume 30 L 30 L
Water volume 60 L 60 L
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