santai plate compactor

Plate compactors-Special design for hire business, long life local service in Australia, Italy, etc.



Above of all, Plate compactors power – HONDA engine

HONDA engine GX160
plate compactor and water bin



Santai plate compactors used on cold and hot asphalt because of the water bottle design.


Santai plate compactors got CE due to the high quality.

plate compactor CE
plate compactor water tank cover



Plate compactor water bottle cover for seal.


Water bottle can be removed as needs.

water bin
water bin valve



Handle valve can control the flow when needed.


Water bin connection

water bin connection
separated vibrator in plate compactor



Separated vibrator in plate compactor

Parts shows quality, focus on details- Santai plate compactor STP90



Cast Iron plate-more reliable than steel plate

cast iron plate compactor
plate compactor caster



Plate compactor caster


Screws and gaskets

screws and gaskets in plate compactor
Plate Connection with Vibrator



Plate Connect with Vibrator


Rubber grab – It can grab the wheel frame at work condition. Popular design in Australia, Italy, France plate compactor hire.

rubber grab
plate compactors

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