mobile asphalt plant manufacturer

Multi Bin Mobile Cold Feed

mobile asphalt plant manufacturer
Multi-bin, mobile cold feed unit connected in collecting conveyor and feeding conveyor. AC motor can make
the conveyor move and the inverter control the speed.All devices make the cold feed unit reliable.

High Efficiency Aggregate Dryer

mobile asphalt plant dryer
Aggregate dryer drum designed with lifter together,high efficiency and convenient. Mobile asphalt plant manufacturer make the insulated cover is optional.Two factors all on one chassis.

Mobile Mixing Section

mobile asphalt plant
5 levels and solid screen, premise weighing hoppers for aggregate, binder(bitumen) and filler, twin shaft paddle mixer are integrated in the mobile mixing section.

Integrated Dust Collector

mobile asphalt plant mixer
Primary and secondary dust collecting units are included in the dust control section. DUPON NOMEX bag filters are designed to achieve less than 20mg/Nm3.

Chassis Landing Legs

mobile asphalt plant supplier
Minimum foundations are required for installation as each unit has landing legs with support bases to ensure adequate stability.That is what mobile asphalt plant manufacturer must think of.

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