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Concrete mixer truck- cement mixer truck | the complete FAQs

What is concrete mixer truck ?

The concrete mixer truck also named cement mixing truck, is designed for transporting the finished concrete mixture from the concrete batching plant to the concrete work sites like concrete foundation, concrete buildings, concrete dam, etc. The concrete mixer truck is flexible to match the concrete mixing drum. The standard concrete mixing drum is 2 CBM, 2.5 CBM, 3CBM, 4CBM, 5CBM, 6CBM, 8CBM, 12CBM, 16CBM, 20CBM, 25CBM, etc.

* Customized concrete mixing drum sizes and volume
* Flexible match the truck chasis.
* Diesel engine is optional
* High-level hardness steel plate
* Advanced hydraulic system
* Lower centre of gravity design

Concrete mixer truck
concrete mixer tank

Concrete mixing drum

The customized concrete mixing drum have the advantages as below:

* Customized sizes as 2 CBM, 2.5 CBM, 3CBM, 4CBM, 5CBM, 6CBM, 8CBM, 12CBM, 16CBM, 20CBM, 25CBM, etc.
* The support roller adapt the forging process, durable and strong.
* Optimized design of the centre gravity
* Promotion structure of screw blades to avoid segregation.

Small concrete mixing three-wheeler

The customized small concrete mixing three-wheelers is siutable for small concrete works in the compact work area.

* Flexible size from 2CBM to 4CBM, customization is acceptable.
* Afforable purchasing cost.
* Easy transport to different work sites, even to different countries.
* Easy operation and easy maintenance

small concrete mixer truck
concrete mixer truck manufacturer

Concrete mixer truck-make your own customized cement mixing truck

The truck chassis are include Sinotruck, Dongfeng and other China top truck chassis manufacturers

* Robot welding applied in truck chassis
* 6 wheels, 8 wheels, 10 wheels, 12 wheels, etc
* Concrete mixing drums are 6 CBM above.
* Global after sale service and parts centre.

What concrete mixer truck consist of ?

Generally the concrete mixer truck consist of truck chasis, concrete mixing drum, clean system, support roller, feed system, discharge system, sub frame, hydraulic system and control system.


Top 3 concrete mixer truck manufacturer

Liebherr: For more than 70 years, Liebherr’s range of products and services has been broad and sophisticated. Its design and technology is orientated around practical deployment scenarios throughout the world. Continually growing innovative strength and an uncompromising commitment to quality safeguard the highest level of benefit to the customer in all product areas.

Terex-Advance: Terex® Advance front discharge mixers have led the industry with cutting-edge innovation and superior engineering that helps improve your bottom line. Founded by several Midwest ready-mix producers 50 years ago, we have a unique understanding of your needs.

Putzmeister concrete truck: Born in Germany, Putzmeister develop, produce, sell and serve our customers with high quality and high reliability machines for pumping, distributing and placing concrete, mortar and high-density solids, and for preparing, temporarily storing, processing and transporting these materials. We strive to serve our customers by being close to their business and this continues to be our mission for the future too.

concrete mixer truck supplier

The price of concrete mix truck​


Concrete mixing drum- 3,000 USD-110,000 USD

Concrete mixer truck- 8,000 USD- 200,000 USD

cement mixer truck

The transport of cement mixing truck


Land transport- The concrete mixer truck could be drive on the road as the usual trucks.

Sea transport- For shipping, normally the Ro-Ro ship or the bulk carriers, if the cement mixing drum is small, sometimes the 40HC containers.

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