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Mobile or Stationary?
Asphalt mixing plants usually are available in stationary and moving, ask yourself a few questions, you can easily know which is better for you: do you need to move your asphalt mixing plant? How often do you need to move? Basic principle is the cost mobile type is much higher . If your asphalt plant need to be moved every few years, regarding the purchase of stationary mixing station, costs of disassembly and Assembly is obviously much cheaper than mobile mixing plant. If your company plan to move their mixing station several times a year, it is necessary to buy a mobile one. Hiring cranes and installing a mixing station cost approximately $ 5000 (slight difference in different States). Obviously, if asphalt plant moved 8-10 times. the cost can even make stationary converted into a mobile plant.

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What capacity I need?
What capacity you need of asphalt mixing plant? This problem is rather difficult to answer. A basic mistake is that most buyer judge the capacity by the max output in the most busy day. I recommend judge the average yield to buy.
A new company, there is no production records, you must analyze the market. If you think you can sell 3000 tons per day 10% of the time, the rest time of the moth 1000 tons per day. I suggest 200 TPH is more appropriate than 400 TPH. Don’t buy small capacity asphalt plant, buy the small, after one year, want to buy larger, it is not good. Don’t buy larger capacity ones, the asphalt plant idle most of the time. Under normal circumstances, the best way is, the asphalt plant runs in 80% capacity and continuous operation. In addition, you may need a certain volume of finished asphalt storage, so you avoid that the asphalt plant stops to wait for the truck to fill, the machine stops increase the cost per ton of mix.
New or Used?
You need a new or old asphalt mixing plant?
New: no need to evaluate the conditions, the factory will provide installation, training, maintenance and other services, have guaranty at least two years, life-long service.
Used: even if you are an experienced buyer, you cannot determine the status of the machine as a whole, noticed that buy directly from the owner of the asphalt mixing plant or purchase the first broker. You buy the used mixing plant, pay attention to find a reliable repair contractor. Advantages are obvious, the price is cheap. Disadvantage is that you have to worry about every step, ensure that the used asphalt plant is operated normally.
Summary: If the budget is limited, consider purchasing a used mixing plant. If the budget not much, you can also buy new mixing plants. Producer of asphalt mixing plant in China can provide inexpensive and reliable quality products. You can take a look at the asphalt mixing plant suppliers like Santai Machinery.

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Different brands have any real difference? Manufacturer celebrates its specific features, but in the long run, they are all similar, when configured with the same, two different brands will do the same thing: production of hot mix asphalt. Look on the configuration table of asphalt plant manufacturer. Remember, the cheapest is not always the cheapest ones in the end.

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