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Bitumen Melting Machine Manufacturers

2-8 TPH bitumen melting machine with high performance and cost-effective

SANTAI bitumen melting machine can melt bitumen from barrels, bags, and wooden cases. The the liquid bitumen will be mixed with asphalt concrete in asphlat plants. The melting processing as below:

  1. Put the barrels in the line, meanwhile the heating system works.
  2. Pushing the barrels into the melting room.
  3. Melted bitumen fall into the storage room from the barrels
  4. Melted bitumen was piped into the bitumen tank.
Bitumen melting machinery features:
  • Advanced structure design, easy to load into 40HC container.
  • Applied to different barrels in different country, a global range of application
  • Automatic control system and international famous brand burner make sure the stable production
  • Exhaust from thermal oil furnace is used again, high energy utilization
  • Sealed room production, energy saving and environmental friendly


A better low-cost and high-performance bitumen melting machine for asphalt contractors and construction company. As a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, we produce asphalt plants and other road equipment match all the technical standard of national roads , small and medium road construction projects.

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Model SBM2 SBM4 SBM6
Capacity(T/H) 2-3 4-6 6-8
Bitumen storage volume( m³) 5 9 12
Barrels Quantity 12 18 32
Line quantity 2 2 2
Working pressure of hydraulic system(Mpa) 0.8 0.8 0.8
Bitumen Temperature (℃) 100 100 100
Dimensions (L*W*H mm) 5800*2200*2500 9200*2200*2500 11500*2250*2500

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